To provide our clients with the unique Perspective and approach with a Point of View that enables us to translate ideas, information, and feelings into images and sounds that stimulate the imagination, encourage discovery and diversity, inform, engage and entertain the mind. Persistence of Vision keeps us in touch with our unique talents and encourages us to make genuine contributions that impact humanity in positive ways giving us hope for a better future. We believe that vision can transform our world.


We are a Washington D.C. based production company dedicated to creating new, engaging, and informative television programming and design services. ThomasFilms, Inc produces film and television programs, commercials, PSAs, conferences and special events. We offer a broad and unique range of production and design services targeted to your specific needs. Our success is built on talent, respect, integrity, dedication, individual responsibility, trust, and a personal commitment to each and every endeavor.


ThomasFilms provides script to screen film and video production services, production and set design, and special event production & management services. Our budgets have ranged from $5,000 for small, community initiatives to $800,000 for complex international programs. We are committed to responsible, honest stewardship of the resources committed to each and every endeavor.

We work with a broad range of writers, editors, line producers, production managers, designers, film and video professionals and audio-visual production personnel. Selection of specific creative and production talent is based upon the unique needs of your project and your budget.

These creative alliances allow us to tailor skills and talents to a specific project, enable us to build a creative team atmosphere, and permit us to quickly adapt production systems to meet your unique needs.

We have been fortunate to list the following as clients:

Project HOPE, Academic Alliance Foundation, The African Development Foundation, ABC, World Wildlife Fund, Thompson Reuters, The World Council of Churches, YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, National Geographic, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, PBS, The Points of Light Foundation, U.S. Fire Administration, Newseum, The Arts and Baltimore Foundation, CNN, International Planned Parenthood, Whitman Walker Clinic, Discovery Channel, The Salvation Army, United Way of America, Fox TV

R. Gene Thomas

Mr. Thomas is a versatile filmmaker with over twenty years of producing experience that includes video and live events. Among his many awards are top honors from the International Film & TV Festival of New York, the Chicago International Film Festival, the Houston International Film Festival, CINE and other professional organizations.

His many worldwide projects have taken him to locales as varied as Sudan, Ethiopia, Zambia, Botswana, Zaire, Brazil, Sweden, Korea, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. His impressive client includes the World Wildlife Fund, the World Council of Churches, YMCA, the Washington Times, Comcast Communications, the American Red Cross, MCI, the Points of Light Foundation, U.S. Fire Administration, America’s Most Wanted, the Arts and Baltimore Foundation, International Planned Parenthood, the League of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies, the Center for Corporate Health, Potomac Hospital, Ogilvy Public Relations, Porter Novelli, the Whitman Walker Clinic and the Salvation Army.

Mr. Thomas started his career in the 1980’s, producing political advertising for congressional, gubernatorial and mayoral campaigns in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Washington DC. Branching out, he began working with non-profit and commercial entities to document and promote their messages. Throughout his lengthy career, Mr. Thomas has a history of effective collaboration with high profile clients: e.g., James Earl Jones, Joan Lunden, Art Garfunkel, Mary Wilson, Charlton Heston, Henry Cisneros, William Shatner, Elizabeth Dole, former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda, Bob Vila, Paul Shaffer and numerous Fortune 100 CEO's. He is equally adept at getting the best from others who have compelling stories to tell, like Sudanese and Zambian tribal leaders, famine workers in Ethiopia and people living with AIDS.

ThomasFilms was formed in 1992, in order to provide more flexibility for Mr. Thomas to grow as a filmmaker and live events producer. In the ensuing years, he has consistently demonstrated an outstanding ability to conceptualize, organize and manage multiple activities as evidenced by the tremendous success of the last ten Red Cross National Conventions and numerous large scale film and video projects he has delivered. Key to his success has been his ability and willingness to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and conditions.

Deborah C. Thomas

After receiving her BA in Theatre from University of Michigan, Deborah C. Thomas has worked in the film, Television and Theatre industries since 1982. Beginning as a properties builder and assistant in the scenic shop of the Folger Library Theatre, Washington, DC, she expanded her skills and job repertoire in theatre and the Washington Opera while also working as a freelance contract designer and props master in film and television. For the last twenty years, she has worked as a television and film set and production designer, art director and props master.

Ms. Thomas' extensive experience as a properties fabricator and scenery carpenter has strengthened her design skills and increased her intellectual and aesthetic flexibility. Using her design talent, she is able to establish the physical worlds of plays, films, and television programs to set the mood, time, and place of the story while making a strong visual impact. Ms. Thomas' considerable practical experience also gives her the necessary knowledge and skills to plan, design, and oversee the construction of sets.

As a scenic designer, Deborah's talent is most noteworthy due to her ability to collaborate with other members of the production team in order to create the most innovative environment for the project.

Terry Georgia

Ms. Georgia is a writer, producer, production manager and editor. Starting as a producer and writer for the nationally-syndicated, award-winning, Catholic television magazine Real to Reel, she wrote and produced over 300 feature stories. Subjects ranged from illegal immigration and homelessness to profiles of people who made unique and extraordinary contributions to the world.
Ms. Georgia has written hundreds of film and video scripts, including over 40 American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and Water Safety training courses. Ms. Georgia has written and produced other educational and fund-raising videos and films for national clients including: Brady Publishing (Paramount/Viacom), the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MCI, United Way of America, American Health Care Association, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Very Special Arts Foundation, the National Episcopal Church Center, the University of Maryland, the African Development Foundation and the Kennedy Center Honors.

In the arena of live events, she has co-produced 25 national conventions and conferences. With extensive experience in developing creative strategies, messaging and content, she helps each client achieve their objectives for effective communication. Her goal is to create continuity of theme, content and style within the context of the overall convention program. She is always eager to provide creative flexibility throughout any project from concept through completion.

Many of Ms. Georgia's productions have received national awards, including several CINE Golden Eagles, New York Film Festival Gold and Silver Medals, and a Chicago Film Festival Gold Medal.

Terry Georgia is an independent writer and producer.  She is not an employee of ThomasFilms but has been and continues to be a creative partner in many of our productions.  You can contact her directly at Terry Georgia

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